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We will work with each student & parent to direct them towards the class that is best for them, but please explore the website as much as possible as the answer to most of your questions can likely be found amongst these pages! See the class descriptions below for our teaching approach and curriculums. This top section is all business stuff! 

In short- a bit about our program overall.... The primary focus of the our kids curriculum is on-camera commercial audition training.  It was designed by David Murphy and Sean Bradley, both having worked for years at O'Connor Casting as casting directors  for commercials, television, film, etc. where they developed a process for directing kids in all sorts of audition situations.  Our main goal in providing this program is to keep the kids on camera talent pool in Chicago competitive on a national level which, in turn, helps bring more casting opportunities into town for both adults and kids alike!  The local casting directors stay active in our curriculum, and we keep in conversation with them as to how effective the training is and what modifications we can make to keep moving it forward. Styles change rapidly in this business, and so must an effective on camera curriculum. Most sessions we are able to bring in a local casting director to work with the kids for one or two of the class days.

Now to address one of our most common questions: Many parents ask if their children can be placed in an age group that is slightly older or younger than what they really are.  This is sometimes because the child is rather mature for their age, rather shy, or simply because their sibling is in the other age group, mom can't carve out a full four hour chunk on every Saturday, and it would be way easier if the kids could just be in the same class!  Our policy is thus: we are open to that within reason, and the parents are typically far better judges on whether it is an appropriate move or not. Here are a few bits of info that can help you make your decisions:
  • Being off by one year is usually fine, two years only occassionally works,
    three or more- no way.
  • You are the parent. You know the maturity level of you child. Be honest about it.
  • Each class uses scripts that are typical for that age group. More often than not, it behooves a child that looks like a six year old to work on scripts that are written for a six year old, regardless of how mature they may be. A six year old reading at a 13yr old level still looks like a six year old, and will be cast accordingly. But this is by no means a deal breaker.
  • The basic concepts and issues taught in each age group are, for the most part, the same. There are some scripts that are different to fit the age groups, and a few of our approaches on certain topics may be modified and simplified for our youngest groups, but the overall approach is intact and similar in each of the age groups.
What kind of kids & teens take classes at The Green Room?  Our students range from child actors who are already out there in the business, to kids who have never taken an acting class in their lives; From extremely precocious to painfully shy. Some take our classes to help further their careers, some to help them out of their shells and gain some self-confidence in their everyday lives. We approach all of our students as if they are here to learn how to succeed in the on camera business in Chicago and beyond, and are here to guide our students and their parents through the maze of issues including talent agents, headshots, casting directors, bookings, etc. But if you want to join us for classes and have no interest in actually getting into the business of it all, that's fine too!

All classes are limited in size- See particular class description for details. Not all classes are offered each term- see schedule for classes available currently.

Teens On-Camera (13-17yrs)

A modified version of our On-Camera adult curriculum geared towards the on camera commercial roles that teens will audition for. NOT your typical commercial class. We cover a wide range of topics in commercial acting from the perspective of casting directors. Limit 12 students.
  • Work in a classroom setting with other teens on roles written for teens.
    - Learn how to analyze a commercial script.
  • Learn an effective audition strategy that may differ from other mediums.
    - Learn how to use and develop your own personality.
  • Work towards “keeping it real”.
  • Incorporate tips and tricks that many actors overlook.
  • Strengthen your business and communication skills as you discover
    what is expected of you.
  • Develop your ability to use Simplicity / Specificity as an incredible tool.

Kids On-Camera (Two different age groups:  8-12yrs and 5-7yrs)

Our curriculum combines modified theatre games and simulated on-camera commercial auditions to free up the young actors creativity and comfortability while providing them with hands-on knowledge of the on-camera commercial audition process. They will leave class knowing what is expected of them on a commercial audition, and how to have fun while being successful. Subject matter and games are specific to each age group. Each session, we typically are visited by a guest industry professional such as a Casting Director, Talent Agent, or Director (schedule permitting). There is also an informational meeting with the parents to help them know what is expected from them, and how they can be a part of their child's on-camera interests. Limit 12 students.

Kids and Teens After School Program (7-11yrs or 12-17yrs)

An after school program that covers on-camera acting and more! We'll cover many of the on-camera audition topics just like our Saturday classes, but with different scripts and lessons as well as Voice Over and Improvisation. Completely new to acting? A seasoned pro and have already taken our Saturday on-camera classes? Either way, there will be plenty to learn. Come join us for an after school opportunity to explore acting on the professional AND personal level while making some great friends and boosting self-confidence!

Teens On-Camera On-Going Workshop (13-17yrs)

This is a place for teens who have taken class with us before to continue their On-Camera work, and incorporates Television and Film scripts into the mix. This is designed to be a class that can be taken more than once.

Kids On-Camera On-Going Workshop (8-12yrs or 5-7yrs)

This is a place for kids who have taken class with us before to continue their On-Camera work, and incorporates Television and Film scripts into the mix. This is designed to be a class that can be taken more than once.

One-On-One Coaching and Audition Taping

Do you need an audition recorded or some one-on-one time to focus on a specific training issue? The Green Room is your professional resource for coaching and taping. We will record your coaching sessions so you can review them at home, or we can help you create a professional looking audition using our studio space and equipment. We help coach you to your best performance so you feel confident about your audition, and edit it into an easily downloaded format for submission. Email or call for pricing and availability.

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