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How to submit for the class THE SHOOT



This class will require a strong commitment to the group and to the schedule. Please double check that you are available for the class times. The week of the shoot days will need to be flexible in order to work with locations and other students. Please let us know of any scheudle conflicts at all during that time (NOT just evenings!!!)


Actors should have a strong skillset in place before taking this class.

Class Videos

Below is a link to the submission form (yellow button). 


We'd prefer you copy LINKS to your headshot and resume and paste them into the form instead of emailing us files. The link address should end in either .jpg or .png in order to link directly to an image.  There are a couple of helpful 2 minute videos below that show you how copy an online image link - AND how to get your image online in the first place (in case you don't have a web presence for your acting materials!)


If this is too difficult for you to figure out, you are welcome to fill out the form as best as you can and submit it anyway - and we'll contact you with an email address where you can send your headshot and resume files.



How to Copy a LINK to an Online Image

- 2 minute video



How to share a LINK to your Actors Access or Casting Networks profile

- 2 minute video



for info call 312-685-2774, or email us